Exactly About My Very Very Very First NAWTY Threesome FFM

Exactly About My Very Very Very First NAWTY Threesome FFM

Okay, therefore the following is, my post that is first hope you all enjoy it.

For anybody that don’t know me personally: i will be a bi-girl; well, actually i will be a bisexual girl. Perhaps perhaps maybe Not a woman after all: we am down seriously to earth, completely truthful and have always been simply into having times that are good enjoyable individuals;Oh yeah and I also love love want to head out n dance and party through the night

I like to liven up, and I also love high heel shoes, but i’m by no means a girly woman – I am sexy and confident in who i will be and extremely don’t care if other people just like me or otherwise not, because i love myself and that’s the crucial thing of all of the.

I’ve had a lot of great swinging adventures and adored all of them and below is regarded as my first ever threesome experiences and genuine memory that is favourite of.

Therefore. according to every week-end I happened to be away dancing the evening away in this club plus in London and came across an extremely good couple,|couple that is really nice well, actually the facts find out, I came across this very nice woman and she switched me personally on a great deal and then we danced and smooched and kissed and grinded into each other for many of the evening.

At the conclusion of this we were hanging around outside the club together with the girl I had met earlier and whose name I had found out was Lisa night. therefore there we had been grinding our teeth, deciding and chatting what direction to go next.

There clearly was an after celebration occurring but she along with her man were saying these people had been home that is heading that we should come with them.

Just what the hell, we thought, before I knew it I was in the back seat of this cab with this guy on one side of me and this gorgeous redhead on the other so we ended up getting a taxi together and.

We were all a bit tipsy and from the jawhorse on age and had been chatting away and flirting outrageously together however felt Lisa’s hand progress my thigh as she leant in and whispered during my ear “you make me so wet” well we had been additionally getting quite damp therefore I began to kiss her throat and ear lobe and allow my hand slip between her legs and securely applied her pussy through her thong.

However ended up being kissing her lips that are soft drawing on her behalf bottom lip when we started initially to groan.

“orrr, fuck I want you Lisa you might be switching me personally on so much”

Just however could feel another couple of on the job me too; her guy had their arms up my top and had been squeezing my nipples and in addition kissing the straight back of my throat. we want to have my nipples squeezed carefully and this simply made me personally hornier and wetter. Luckily for us we then reached their apartment in Fulham, quickly paid the minicab driver and hurried in.

After getting us a few lines of coke and having some tunes in the decks Lisa’s man went along to make us some beverages and Lisa and we started out once more where it was left by us into the cab. We started initially to kiss her soft lips and nibble carefully on her behalf ear lobe, telling her exactly how damp she ended up being making me personally.

We had been kissing passionately actually drawing on her behalf luscious lips and then kissing her throat and right down to her nipples. I enjoy to draw for a girls nipples. I prefer to invest my some time to circle all of them with my tongue flicking them and making them remain true. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and painful and I like to have them sucked and squeezed too.

I quickly had been drawing my tongue all of the real method down her belly and to her sweet pussy lips, flicking my tongue over her clitoris and making her groan somewhat.

I started initially to tease her only a small by operating my tongue within the interior of her legs and returning to her pussy. we could tell she ended up being getting all damp now in expectation of what exactly is in the future. I’m respiration gently and blowing on the clit and also this had been driving her crazy, and I also heard Lisa groan only a little louder, I slowly lower my mind down onto her clitoris and took it within my lips, drawing on her clitoris and hearing her moan nevertheless louder. Nibbling onto it carefully and having fun with that gorgeous small bud with my tongue while nevertheless drawing it between my lips.

I will be between her feet now and she actually is sitting from the settee, I will be circling my tongue to her clit additionally the moans are receiving louder nevertheless, my bum is in the atmosphere and I also can feel a tongue begin to lick my damp pussy too. Hmmmmmm, this simply drives me crazy and makes me more wanting to please this pussy and also Lisa cum all over my face.

I’m licking and sucking that small clitoris as her guy is fingering me from behind, We hear her groan nevertheless louder and she actually is begging me personally to screw her with my hands.

Jesus she actually is therefore wet and the feeling is loved by me of having every one of that pussy wetness all over my face. We place a little finger inside her tight snatch while nevertheless drawing and licking that difficult clit. Hmmm she tastes therefore fucking good. Simply I quickly feel a cock begin to enter me personally from behind extending my pussy lips and sinking deeply into my tight pussy that is wet. we believe I need to have discovered Lisa’s special spot inside with my two hands because her moans are getting louder nevertheless and she’s breathing extremely greatly now.

“Aarrrgghhhhhh fuck that feels good”

Experiencing such a huge cock inside me personally fucking me personally difficult. we enjoy be fucked difficult, i must say i do he’s getting me sides when we break the rules on their big cock.

I will be loving being fucked and scream out loud and start to convulse and shake with pleasure during the exact same time We can feel Lisa’s pussy clench around my hands and she actually is beginning to shake all over too.

She begins to scream away that she’s cumming camcrush all over my face just around him tightly as him cums inside me as she does I can feel that big fat cock start to engorge even more and I squeeze.

Oh god, I adore that feeling whenever you are full of cum and feel all of it dripping from the pussy!

And it’s also specially good once you likewise have a rather messy face, oh just what a fantastic after-party that was.

It all over again so we had a few more lines a bit of a dance and then did. I believe after our third fuck session her man ended up being resting therefore we simply kept going making each other cum repeatedly through the night and well in to the following early morning with him but I still see Lisa occasionally when I get to London– she split up.

I really hope that place a laugh on the face, cause it yes did put a big one on mine; please keep your commentary if you wish to hear more associated with the bi-adventures of Nawty Shav xxx

Additionally, check always my profile out and you may find some of my nawty vids and pics xxx

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